Exam Policy Guidelines

The M.A. degree in Film and Media Studies is a valuable stage on the path to the doctorate. The normative time for the M.A. is two years. By the end of the second year, the student must pass an oral M.A. exam administered by the student's M.A. Committee based on two research papers written and revised by the student during the first two years of the program. Students who complete the M.A. graduate work and pass the oral exam with sufficient distinction will be invited to continue working toward the Ph.D.

The guidelines for the M.A. exam are as follows:
Rev. 2/13/09

Language Evaluation Exams

Students may take Language Evaluation Exams in the respective departments of their language choice. Below is the contact information for four departments on campus that offer placement exams and how to schedule them:


A placement exam is given the 2nd Thursday of every month at 2:00 pm, and at other times also, upon demand. Call to reserve a space to take the exam with the French and Italian Undergraduate Advisor at (805) 893-3111.


Dr. Schultz evaluates the language levels of anyone above level 3. The student will need to set up a private evaluation. Contact Dr. Schultz at: jmschultz@french-ital.uscb.edu


A placement exam is given once a month, except during the summer. To reserve a space contact the Undergraduate Advisor at (805)893-3161.


Students can stop by anytime during office hours to have the language evaluation exam administered. There is no need to schedule in advance.

Rev. 2/13/09