Renée Renata Bergan


Renée moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2008 where she finished Poto Mitan (2009), a documentary about Haiti told through the perspective of five working class Haitian women. Her latest project is....MAKING MONEY!!! She is currently working as a freelance editor and shooter for World Dance New York, a New York based company which produces instructional dance DVDs. Renée is also an avid performer in New York’s dance and music scene as well as a member of two dance/theatrical troupes: Desert Sin and Alchemy and a percussionist/back up singer for the band Kai Altair. She continues to look for documentaries or film projects that spark her interest in social justice but she’s happy to have steady work in the mean time!

Some of her works include Believe Me, a 30 second PSA for the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center and Change Not Charity, a promotional video for The Fund For Santa Barbara. Along with Gela/Helena, a short documentary about a Santa Barbara based Holocaust survivor who led a double life which came to haunt her years later, Sadaa E Zan (Voices of Women), a documentary about Afghan women which received the Social Justice Award for Best Documentary at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2003, and Paul Soldner: Playing With Fire, a documentary about revolutionary ceramist Paul Soldner.