Joshua Braun


Josh Braun has been alternating between journalism and academia. Since graduating, he has worked as a Production Assistant for several Discovery and Discovery Health shows, and then moved out East, where he got his Masters in Medical Ethics from the University of Pennsylvania. Joshua BraunHe than took a semester off to serve as a Production Intern at ABC News Nightline, then moved to New York upon graduation, where he worked as a Junior Editor for Seed Magazine and a Producer for NPR's “Radio Lab,” which is produced by the New York affiliate, WNYC. Finally, he left New York to get his Ph.D. from the Cornell University Department of Communication. Currently, he continues to work as a freelance journalist, mostly in print and online, for places like Seed and Scientific American. Since starting at Cornell, he has been the recipient of a graduate fellowship at the National Academy of Sciences, and the International Communication Association's award for "Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student."