Oren Brimer

Oren Brimer exhibits immense passion for his work as an acclaimed writer, producer, and director of various late-night television programs. Having worked for the Onion News Network, CollegeHumor.com, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the past, Oren is currently the supervising producer of a new late-night talk show which will follow Conan on TBS.

Oren emphasizes the importance of versatility in the entertainment industry. He writes directs, produces and edits many projects, from online comedy videos to television segments. When asked about his various talents in the television industry, Oren said, “You can't get away with excelling at one thing anymore; you must have a collection of skills you can pull out of your back pocket. If you don’t know something, learn it: the world’s information is on the internet.”

He believes you must not only be passionate, but willing to dedicate yourself to years of hard work, and learning everything you can about your prospective industry. Oren explained his view on “luck” as an asset, but not a determining factor of success when he said, “luck can open doors, but talent will walk you through them. Always have a body of work prepared!”

Before Oren graduated from UCSB, he spent countless office hours speaking with John Shaw, his screenwriting professor and mentor about comedy. From this experience, he not only made a fantastic connection in the media writing industry, but learned the basis of how to excel in his desired career.

Overall, Oren emphasizes the importance of being a self-starter, go-getter, making connections, and working as hard as you can because it will eventually pay off. "Don't wait around for someone to do what you can do yourself.”