Alessandro Gentile

Director of Photography / Producer

Alessandro Gentile has gone on to DP and produce numerous independent feature films, shorts, documentaries, and music videos. As a Director of Photography some credits include "Untracked: The Bryon Friedman Story" (2009), "In Your Eyes" (2004), and Firefall: Road to Burning Man (2004). As a producer some credits include "The History of Argentine Tennis" (2008), " Killers" (2008) - HBO, "Night of Henna" (2005)., "The Invitation" (2005), “Firefall: Road to Burning Man” (2004), "The Guatemala Incident" (2003), and music videos for artist like Michael Franti and Spearhead. Having studied Cinematography at UCLA and mentoring under ASC member Hiro Narita, Gentile is currently dedicating himself to solely working as a DP.