Adam Levy

Graduated in 2009

Adam Levy graduated from UCSB in 2009. During his undergraduate studies, he interned for Dreamworks where he worked as a production assistant on How to Train Your Dragon (2010). He credits his interest in animation to his internship at Dreamworks; it was here that he learned Maya the animation program popular in the industry to simulate cloth and hair.

Additionally as an undergrad, Levy interned for Sidney Kimmel Entertainment where he did some script writing coverage. His undergraduate internships gave him the the networking and animation skills needed to make the move to Hollywood. Adam learned many of the skills needed in the animation industry through tutorials on training websites and by showing extra initiative at his internships.

After graduating, Adam snagged a permanent position for Dreamworks as a Lighting Coordinator. After three years at Dreamworks, he made the life-changing choice to move to Canada for a year. Levy moved to Vancouver in 2011 where he worked on Jack the Giant Slayer (Digital Domain, 2013). He calls the experience wonderful but the weather in Vancouver was a little too cold for his southern Californian roots.

For the past year, Levy has worked at Disney as a technical animator. He is currently working on an animated film called Frozen. Over his career he has worked on: Turbo (Dreamworks, 2013), Puss and Boots (Dreamworks, 2011), Megamind (Dreamworks, 2010) and many more.

To see a sample of the incredible work he’s done: