Grace Park

Career Counselor

Upon graduating from UCSB in 2000, Grace worked as a production assistant at Entertainment Tonight after working there as an intern the previous summer. As much as she enjoyed the work and the people there, the environment wasn’t a good fit. As a result, after 8 months, she returned to her radio chops by being a DJ/Board operator at her local Jazz/NPR station. Grace returned to graduate school to pursue her ever constant counseling aspirations and to leverage her resume gained recruiting/campus relations experience at Walt Disney Corporate and Baxter BioScience. For her job as a career counselor at UCLA, she puts together different workshops and programs where she interfaces with recruiters and professionals from various entertainment companies and other industries. Grace also works with all students (freshmen through PhD; all majors and disciplines) and has come across some students who have a minor in film or are interested in exploring careers in different aspects of the industry (business to marketing or creative/production). She likes to think of herself as a “Joe Palladino,” but for students on the entire campus since UCLA School of Film has their own counselors/advisers.