Eric Reich

After graduating high school and being accepted at UCSB, Eric got an internship in the summer of 2003 at Universal Studios, as a production services intern (learning all aspects of production on the lot). Upon completing his internship and realizing his passion for making films, he declared himself as a Film Studies major at UCSB. During his junior year in 2006, he interned at The Montecito Picture Company (TMPC) in Santa Barbara. In 2007, when he graduated, he was offered an open position at TMPC as a receptionist. Eric worked at the Santa Barbara office up until this past year, when Ivan Reitman, a partner in the company, asked him for his assistance on Reitman’s current project originally titled, “Friends with Benefits.” Their company was producing this movie (with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher) and Ivan was going to be directing full time in LA. Eric then moved to LA in early 2010 at the start of pre-production and has assisted Ivan throughout the entire process. The film is now titled "No Strings Attached" and will be released in January (the trailer comes out at the end of this week)! The company is finishing post-production on this film and he is looking forward to start working with Ivan as he gears up for Ghostbusters 3 (which Ivan will also be directing). Eric hopes to continue working with Ivan and move into a producer role in the near future.