Ryan Turner

Graduated Spring of 2011

Mini Biography

Right after graduation Ryan Turner was lucky enough to be hired on an independent feature film as an assistant editor. Following that Ryan began working as a Director/Editor and was able to find gigs here and there while he finished up his web series "Fresh off the Plane" and first directed music video "With You Now by Daniel Eldridge". Recently, Ryan has found some stability working for Jolly Road Productions (a production company that specializes in corporate and wedding videos) and when he’s not doing that he’s been working hard to advance his career as a Director.

Starting in 2013 in January and February Ryan has had the opportunity to work on three different projects green-lit. One is a comedy music video written and performed by his friend Jesse Pepe. One is a commercial spec and the final project he is working on is unfortunately a mystery, which Ryan can't talk too much about right now. However he can tell us that it is a comedy web show that has some great potential for gathering an audience. These are the main projects that have been in the works for him at the moment, but Ryan is also working with a fellow UCSB alumni, Jameson Jordan, on a TV Series pitch and is currently writing his first feature film and is currently finishing up post-production on both of them.

Two Pieces of Advice: If a student is hoping to make a career in film, the student needs to make films. “This seems like such a simple thing to say, but it is incredibly important. If you are interested in directing, then direct. If you are interested in editing, then edit. If you are interested in writing, then write”. Quote by Ryan Turner

Ryan’s second piece of advice is to make movies that mean something to you and always question why you are making a film and how the story you choose is important to you. “Film-making, after all, is a form of storytelling. If you're the one making it, then there must be a reason that you wanted to tell it.” Quote by Ryan Turner