Colin Williamson

Colin is currently busy at work on his dissertation at the University of Chicago, which deals with operational aesthetics and educational entertainment in obscure histories of modern magic in the cinema. He also has a couple of projects on the politics of time in ethnographic film with an emphasis on the work of Jean Rouch, research films, and the visual anthropology movement; histories and theories of vision, visuality, and visual culture in early 20th century France with an emphasis on discourses on revelation, the invisible, and the term and concept life as it is figured by movement; and the study of the attractions and functions of virtual travel or ersatz tourism in immersive media, the discourses on hyperrealism, and the experience of modern life. His general fields of study include animation and animation theory, performance magic and illusionism in film history, 18th-19th century optical devices, digital media, education and the cinema, film and media archiving, and the history of science in the cinema