Michael Curtin

Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp Chair
Distinguished Professor of Film and Media Studies
Director, 21st Century Global Dynamics Initiative

Ph.D, University of Wisconsin

Curriculum Vitae


2318 Social Sciences & Media Studies




Media Globalization, Cultural Geography, Industry and Policy Studies, and Creative Labor


Michael Curtin is the Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp Professor of Film and Media Studies with affiliated appointments in Global Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies. He is also lead professor of the Mellichamp Global Dynamics Initiative and associate researcher at the Center for Sociological and Political Research in Paris. Curtin is co-founder and former co-director of the Media Industries Project of the Carsey-Wolf Center. Before joining UCSB, he was director of Global Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and director of Cultural Studies at Indiana University. He has also held teaching or research appointments at Northwestern University, Renmin University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Institute of Ethnology at Academia Sinica, and the Center for the Humanities at Wesleyan University. Curtin’s research and teaching focus on media globalization, cultural geography, industry and policy studies, and creative labor. His books include: Precarious Creativity: Global Media, Local Labor (University of California Press, 2016); Distribution Revolution: Conversations about the Digital Future of Film and Television (University of California Press, 2014), Reorienting Global Communication: Indian and Chinese Media Beyond Borders (University of Illinois Press, 2010), The American Television Industry (British Film Institute/Palgrave, 2009), and Playing to the World’s Biggest Audience: The Globalization of Chinese Film and TV (University of California Press, 2007). Curtin is currently at work on Media Capital: The Cultural Geography of Globalization and Voices of Labor in the Age of Global Media. He is co-editor of Media Industries, the Chinese Journal of Communication, and the British Film Institute’s International Screen Industries book series.

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Voices of Labor:
Creativity, Craft, and Conflict in Global Hollywood

Michael Curtin (Editor)
Kevin Sanson (Editor)
University of California Press

Precarious Creativity:
Global Media, Local Labor

Michael Curtin (Editor),
Kevin Sanson (Editor)
University of California Press

Distribution Revolution:
Conversations about the Digital Future of Film and Television

Michael Curtin (Editor),
Jennifer Holt (Editor)
Kevin Sanson (Editor)
University of California Press

Re-Orienting Global Communication:
Indian and Chinese Media Beyond Borders

Michael Curtin (Editor),
Hemant Shah (Editor)
University of Illinois Press

The American Television Industry
(International Screen Industries

by Michael Curtin (Author),
Jane Shattuc (Author)
British Film Institute/ Palgrave Macmillan

Playing to the World's Biggest Audience

The Globalization of Chinese Film and TV
by Michael Curtin (Author),
University of California Press
August 2007

The Revolution Wasn't Televised: Sixties Television and Social Conflict

by Michael Curtin (Editor),
Lynn Spigel (Editor)

Making and Selling Culture

by Michael Curtin (Editor),
Richard Ohmann (Editor)
Gage Averill (Editor)
David Shumway (Editor)
Elizabeth Traube (Editor)
Wesleyan University Press

Redeeming the Wasteland:
Television Documentary and Cold War Politics

by Michael Curtin (Author),
Rutgers University Press