Meredith Bak - PhD 2012

Brown University
Artemis A.W. and Martha Joukowsky Postdoctoral Fellow


“Why can’t I play the piano like I can breathe?”
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser


Meredith A. Bak is the Artemis A. W. and Martha Joukowsky Postdoctoral Fellow at the Pembroke Center at Brown University. Her research interests include media archaeology, technologies of vision, archival and museum studies, and children’s media. During 2012-13, she is participating in the Pembroke Seminar "Economies of Perception" at Brown University, and is working on a book manuscript about pre-cinematic optical toys and nineteenth-century childhood. She has also worked in museum education and taught animation, video game design, and video production. Meredith received her BA in Media Arts from Brigham Young University and her MA in Cinema Studies from New York University. Before coming to UCSB in 2007, she co-headed the Education department at Museum of the Moving Image in New York.