Sarah Kimberlin Harris - PhD 2013


“One’s “reality,” rather than being fixed
and predefined, is a perceptual emergent,
becoming increasingly multiplex, as more
perspectives are taken, more texts are opened,
more friendships are made”

Maxine Greene


After receiving her B.A. in International Studies and Radio, Television and Film at Northwestern University in Evanston-Chicago, Sarah taught 5th grade and high school media arts in urban public schools. She completed her M.S.Ed at the University of Illinois, Chicago in 2007 and earned her M.A. in Film and Media Studies at UCSB in 2009. Last year, she published an article entitled “Turkish Popular Cinema: National Claims, Transnational Flows” which explores cinema-TV convergence in contemporary Turkish popular cinema. Her current research focuses on Internet practices and telecommunications markets in the Middle East and Europe, and she is framing her dissertation project around global Internet policy “harmonization”. She was recently awarded an Institute of Turkish Studies (Georgetown University) grant to study the Turkish language at Bogazici University over the summer.

Curriculum Vitae