Jade Petermon

Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University Regionals



“This is not a small love you hear this is a
large love, a passion for kissing learning
on its face...”

from “This Is Not a Small Voice” by Sonia Sanchez


Jade received her B.A. in African and Black Diaspora Studies from DePaul University in 2008. As a McNair scholar she conducted two summer research projects, the most recent of which was a comparative analysis of the subjectivity and sexuality of Black women in mainstream film and independent films directed by Black women filmmakers. As a second year in the Film and Media Studies program here at UCSB, Jade is particularly interested in questions of visibility and trauma as they pertain to the cultural productions of women of color. She has found the recent fat fashion blog phenomenon to be particularly interesting. It is the focus of her current Master’s research.


Cirriculum Vitae