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Ethan Tussey is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Georgia State University (Ph.D. UCSB, MA UCLA; BA University of Arizona). Research interests include new media studies, media industry studies, reception and audience studies. His work examines the relationship between the entertainment industry and the digitally-empowered public. He has written articles on digital media creative workers, online sports viewing, and workplace media usage. Tussey has presented his research at multiple conferences including at the Society of Cinema and Media Studies, Consoling Passions, and the Film and History Conference, with papers addressing topics including the changing aesthetic of the sit-com television genre and the impact of humorous viral videos on the 2008 presidential race. Tussey has taught courses on Media Criticism, Film Studies, Viral Video, and Media Industries.


Media Industries Studies, Audience Studies and New Media Theory


Book Chapter: “Desktop Day Games: Workspace Media, Cross Platform Branding, and the Digital Baseball Fan,” in Digital Media Sport: Technology and Power in the Network Society ed. Brett Hutchins
Chapter for a collection on sports viewing in the digital age that describes the critical role workplace audiences play in the success of this emerging digital media industry.

Book Chapter: “Myths of the Internet Comedy Club: Andy Samberg and Emergent Practices of Digital Production and Labor” in Saturday Night Live ed. by Nick Marx, Ron Becker, Matt Sienkiewicz
(Indiana University Press).
Chapter co-written with Ethan Thompson on the ways comedians such as the troupe Lonely Island are using the Internet to develop material, cultivate followings, and gain the notice of the television establishment.

January 2013
Book Sidebar: “The Online Primetime of Workspace Media” in Spreadable Media
eds Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, Joshua Green
(NYU Press).
Sidebar on the importance of workplace context in the distribution of digital media content. The piece describes how the rhythms of the workday influence the sharing practices of the digital media audience.

August 2012
Encyclopedia Entries: “Hacking,” “Reception Theory,” and “3-D Hardware”
in the Encyclopedia of Video Games ed Mark Wolf

March 2010
"The Link Prank: A Legacy of the Internet Cowboy"
In Media Res: Manhood in the New Millennium.

October 2009
"Foam Finger Cubicle: Selling ESPN360 as Workspace Media."
Flow TV Volume 10 Number 10.

March 2007
"Is that a Kevin Smith in Your Pocket? Notes on a (possibly) emerging platform."
Mediascape Volume 2 Number 1

Service and Research:

Graduate Student Researcher - The Carsey-Wolf Center's Media Industries Project
Graduate Student Representative - SCMS TV Studies Interest Group