Film and Media Studies majors attending UCSB are encouraged to draw from a wide range of resources to enhance their education. Our department houses an expansive media library for research purposes. Our renowned faculty has an extraordinary breadth of fields of research topics and teach courses that span from the silent era to satellite cultures. The new Pollock Theater and sound stage deliver state-of-the-art presentations and the opportunity to engage in hands-on production. Students in the major have access to technical materials needed for their production classes including HD and film cameras, a digital editing lab, private screening rooms and our new soundstage. There are many venues open to students looking for extracurricular activities and internships to better prepare them for their future career tracks.

Carsey-Wolf Center

The Carsey-Wolf Center supports research, teaching, and public programming about media. Our goal is to foster informed dialogue, critical skills, historical understanding, and new forms of literacy for a global and interconnected world. Engaging media experts, students, and scholars, our research and programming is committed to broadening the ways in which we understand media.

Research at Carsey-Wolf

The Carsey-Wolf Center focuses its research on five, overlapping initiatives: Media Industries, Environmental Media, Information Media, Media and Democracy, and Global Media. Faculty may request funding for conferences, symposia and workshops; new teaching initiatives; summer graduate student research assistance for faculty projects; seed funding for new research initiatives, either individual or collaborative; and proposals for hybrid events that involving a public screening at the Pollock Theater and a research-focused session with one or more visiting scholars. More information can be found on the Carsey-Wolf Center website.

Pollock Theater

The Pollock Theater is a destination for passionate moviegoers. Each screening in this state-of-the-art venue is an event, featuring a moderated discussion after presentation of a film or television episode. Our guests include a wide range of artists, scholars and media makers, who extend the cinematic experience through conversation and dialogue with the audience. The Pollock Theater's undergraduate interns produce and direct multi-camera recordings of our events for broadcast on UCTV.