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A Journal of Black Film, Television & New Media Culture

Volume 1 • Number 1 • Fall/Winter 2005

Table of Contents


Eric Pierson Introduction
Christopher Sieving “She’s a stimulatin’, fascinatin’, assassinatin’ chick!”:
Pam Grier as Star Text
Novotny Lawrence The Detective Film as Genre
Jerry Rafiki Jenkins Blacula and the Question of Blackness
Stephane Dunn Quentin Tarantino’s Phallic Fantasies:
A White Boy’s ‘Baadasssss’ Yearnings
Amy Ongiri The Shogun of Harlem:
Race, Space and Narratives of Urbanity in Black Cast Kung Fu Film
Christine Acham Subverting the System:
The Politics and Production of The Spook Who Sat by the Door
Eric Pierson Blaxploitation, Quick and Dirty:
Patterns of Distribution
Cynthia Fuchs What the Battle was About:
Interviews with Melvin and Mario Van Peebles