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Style Guide

Screening Noir uses The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) (14th edition). Manuscript submissions should follow the author-date documentation system as described in chapter 16 of CMS.

In-text citations should be used to reference works following the author-date format, enclosing the last name of the author and the date of the publication being referenced: (Collins 1998). If you are referring to a specific page or using a direct quote, please include the page number set after the date with a comma: (Collins 1998, 42). Please note that there is no punctuation between the last name and the date. For other inquiries about these citations, please refer to CMS, as mentioned above.

All manuscripts must have a works cited page, also formatted following the author-date system. The basic form is as follows:
Collins, John. 1998. Collected Works. San Francisco: City Lights.

For two authors:
Collins, John and Richard Wilbur. The Poems of Today. Thousand Oaks: Sage Press.

For other bibliographic citations, follow the above format and refer to CMS.

Endnotes should be used to comment or provide additional information on a subject. Endnotes should be used sparingly. Please keep in mind that long, extensive endnotes might be edited, and that vitally important information should be included in the body of the paper.
To maintain consistency throughout the journal, Screening Noir’s editorial policies (many of which are mentioned in The Chicago Manual of Style, chapter 7) are:

  • do not hyphenate African American
  • do not capitalize the words black and white
  • do not capitalize diaspora

Authors may capitalize other subjects, such as b(B)laxploitation, at their own discretion, as long as there is consistency throughout the individual's manuscript.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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Download the Screening Noir Style Guide as a pdf