Matt Herrera

Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Internship Coordinator

Matt Herrera

Office Hours

Office Hours:
M-F 9am-12pm & 1-4pm
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“Matt Herrera is the Undergraduate Advisor for the Film and Media Studies Department. He has been working at UCSB since 2021 and is a 2017 alum with a B.A. in Black Studies. Before advising students in FIlm and Media Studies, he was advising students at the College of Creative studies.

Matt received a M.A. in Sports Management from USF’s Orange County program in 2020. While living in Los Angeles, he worked for the Dodgers radio station (KLAC 570AM) and mentored student-athletes at UCLA Athletics. Some of his favorite movies are: the Christian Bale Dark Knight trilogy, the Mission: Impossible movies, and Bad Boys II. He is also an avid simracer and loves playing F1, iRacing & Assetto Corsa.”