The Department of Film and Media Studies provides undergraduate students with comprehensive training in four key areas: core knowledge of film and media texts, theories, and institutions; critical, analytical, and interpretive skills; research skills; and writing and production skills. Majors interact closely with our faculty through collaborative research projects and engage with a vibrant mix of activities and student organizations, such as the Screenwriter’s Co-Op, the Reel Loud Film Festival, and Women in Media.

While graduate students receive broad training in current theoretical paradigms as well as historiographical and analytical methodologies, each doctoral candidate’s research interests and the eventual dissertation project shape his or her specific course of study. The department fosters an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and creativity over narrow instrumentality. Our PhDs, many of whom now hold positions in premiere institutions of higher learning, are helping to shift and expand the contours of the discipline with their cutting edge scholarship.



Our goal is to provide students with comprehensive training in film and media studies as an academic discipline, a breadth of exposure to cutting-edge scholarship on contemporary culture and the arts around the world, and opportunities for creative and other professional work informed by the skills and knowledge acquired through critical studies.


M.A. + Ph.D.

The M.A. degree in Film and Media Studies is treated as a valuable stage on the path to the doctorate. Although it is understood that some students may choose not to continue beyond the M.A., and that others may not be permitted to do so, the aim of the program is to provide students with research training leading to the doctoral degree.


Ph.D. Only

The Ph.D.-only degree is for those students who hold an M.A. or M.F.A. degree in Film and Media Studies or a closely-related discipline.