Scott and Jennifer Frank Screening Room


Funded by Scott Frank (’82) and Jennifer Frank
The Scott and Jennifer Frank Screening Room is an important resource for teaching, research, and filmmaking in the Department of Film and Media Studies and for the Carsey-Wolf Center. Their support in establishing this screening room has contributed to provisioning and keeping this space up to date. It serves students, faculty, researchers, and visiting filmmakers. The room offers and facilitates the screenings for many of the courses taught in the Department as well as undergraduate and graduate student screening events. In addition, students use the room for production demonstrations associated with their own film projects, but also for visiting researchers and filmmakers who have been invited to present their own work and discuss archival films. This room is an important context for education and curatorship in the Department and for the Carsey-Wolf Center.


Funded by Scott Frank (’82) and Jennifer Frank with the Lazarus Family
The Lazarus Sound lab is named in honor of Paul N. Lazarus (1938-1997), the well- known Hollywood executive, producer, and UCSB instructor. The Sound Lab was established by Scott and Jennifer Frank with additional support provided by the Lazarus family. It is equipped with state-of-the-art sound mixing hardware and software that is an active part of the production program in the Department of Film and Media Studies. There are ongoing seminars taught by sound editing professionals in the lab itself that enable hands-on production training for students in the latest programs and techniques for editing and mixing high-quality sound. This lab has been developed by Chris Pelonis and Sven Holcomb. Pelonis has been the sound designer for Disney Studios, the musician Jack White, and George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch sound studio. Holcomb is an experienced audio engineer with extensive expertise with the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and high-end speaker systems allowing him to give students the ability to edit, process and mix audio for film and work with current sound technologies. For more information, see https://www.news.ucsb.edu/2018/018980/art-sound

Lazerus Sound Stage


The Pollock Theater is a destination for passionate moviegoers. Each screening in this state-of-the-art venue is an event, featuring a moderated discussion after presentation of a film or television episode. Our guests include a wide range of artists, scholars and media makers, who extend the cinematic experience through conversation and dialogue with the audience. The Pollock Theater’s undergraduate interns produce and direct multi-camera recordings of our events for broadcast on UCTV.


The Sound Stage provides student filmmakers with equipment and facilities for creating high-quality media productions. This 1250-square-foot production studio, located at the rear of the Pollock Theater, is the only dedicated space for student media production on the UC Santa Barbara campus.