Undergraduate - Spring - 2020

Fem-Tech Lab


Spring - 2020
  • Monday 3:50 - 6:50pm
    Wireframe (1410 Music Building)


FemTech Lab is a hybrid theory/practice seminar on feminism, cyberfeminism, and feminist theories of technology. We engage the political potency of feminist media practice—the use of installations, performance, public interactives, visual arts, and web-based platforms appealing for change or hacking systemic bias. Such creative and critical aesthetic engagements are firmly located in the feminist politics of the contemporary moment, an age marked by the proliferation of new media that have radically reconstituted not only the character of visual culture but also its channels of transmission and circulation. The transnational scale of media circulation has posed serious challenges to feminist scholars eager to understand how media are decoded and translated as they travel from one cultural context to another.

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