Graduate - Fall - 2019

Programming and Curation


Fall - 2019


Graduate students from any department are eligible to enroll in this one- or two-unit course. The course is offered in the fall and winter quarters: in the fall, we will discuss the basics of curation and individual programs; in winter, we will focus on larger questions of series programming and seriality. In each quarter, students will examine broader issues related to curation, including the construction of cultural value, economics of prestige, audiences and publics, and questions of pleasure.

Students will have the opportunity to propose programs for the Pollock Theater and related Carsey-Wolf Center research events.

The course aims to foster the skills needed to create effective public and academic events through class discussions of methodological issues. If students want to take the course for elective credit toward the Film and Media Studies Ph.D., they must register for 2 units in each of the two terms.

Patrice Petro

Distinguished Professor and Dick Wolf Director of the Carsey-Wolf Center; Presidential Chair in Media Studies

Research Interests