21st Century Global Dynamics

global-e provides a forum for timely analysis of global events, processes, and concerns. Published on a weekly basis, each issue showcases a feature essay by a leading scholar or practitioner offering provocative reflections on public issues, historical trends, and theoretical debates. By emphasizing concise and jargon free prose, global-e offers specialists the opportunity to share their perspectives with a broad cross-section of readers in more than 170 countries. Our roster of contributors is likewise diverse, including scholars, politicians, artists, and activists.

Originally conceived as a path-breaking collaboration of global studies centers at six research universities, the new global-e is today hosted by the 21st Century Global Dynamics Initiative at the Orfalea Center of the University of California, Santa Barbara. We are furthermore supported by a far-flung network of contributing editors and editorial board members as well as the Global Studies Consortium.

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