Mark Andrew Smith

Comic Book Writer

Mark Andrew Smith


It was in 2004 that Mark caught the attention of Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen and then Executive Director Eric Stephenson who picked up his and Dan Hipp’s first comic book series titled The Amazing Joy Buzzards. He is the co-creator and editor of the Popgun Comics anthology.
He won both the Eisner Award and the Harvey Awards for comics in 2010 for the Popgun Anthology which he created and edited. The main books Smith has written include Aqua Leung, Amazing Joy Buzzards, Kill All Buzzards!, and The New Brighton Archeological Society. The New Brighton Archeological Society follows a group of children whose parents are the greatest archeologists in the world. When their parents are lost on an expedition, the children must finish their parents’ work, collect the books of magic, and defeat their parents’ nemesis. The New Brighton Archeological Society was selected as “Best All-Ages Comic” of 2009 by MTV Splash Page ad received two Harvey Award Nominations in 2010. His most recent projects consist of Sullivan’s Sluggers, which is a baseball horror comic, and Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors.