Michelle Erwin

Founder & Creative Brand Consultant at Robyn & Robyn

Michelle Robyn Erwin


Some say artists are born. Others say artists are made— and taught—every day, from an early age. For Michelle, art has always been an intrinsic aspect of everyday life. And as a professional creative brand consultant, she finds inspiration everywhere, in anything. She has learned the power of storytelling that draws inspiration from interpretations of simple, everyday life. She honed her creative passion into professional skill at the University of California, Santa Barbara where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies. The program introduced her to the psychology of why people react to what they see and hear, and has shaped the way she tells brand stories with design. Her career began as a Brand Marketing intern at NBC and progressed to working with high-end luxury real-estate professionals in Beverly Hills. In 2015 Michelle stepped out on her own to establish Robyn & Robyn, a brand design house, with her sister as partner. The design house offers a full suite of creative services including branding, social media, styling, press kits, copywriting, film editing, event design, graphic design or print and digital forums, website design, and graphic animation. Clients have expressed their delight with the agency’s design sense, creative poise, and ability to engage and deliver consistent, high-quality work. In 2016, Robyn & Robyn was the recipient of the 2016 Branding Expert Award. The recognition only further affirms the talent and agility of the design duo previously voiced by impressed clients. But the duo’s eyes are set on greater heights, gazing beyond client satisfaction on to superior design excellence.