Pujita Guha

Film & Media Studies Graduate Student

Pujita Guha


Pujita Guha is a Ph.D candidate at the Film and Media Studies Department, University of California Santa Barbara. Her PhD thesis tentatively titled, Forested Media, looks at contemporary histories of upland forests in south and southeast Asia, and how indigenous politics and claims to forest land are shaped with artistic, scientific, and cartographic media. She is also an artist and curator, and from 2018-2023 co-founded and co-directed the artistic and research platform, The Forest Curriculum. She is now in the curatorial team for the multi-sited, decentralised land-based ecological project, Hosting Lands. Her curatorial and academic research has been funded by the Chancellor’s Fellowship, UCSB, Bikuben Fonden, Denmark, Arts Council Australia, Sharjah Art Foundation amongst others. She has also published in Cultural Politics (forthcoming), ACT Taiwan, E-flux, Artforum, Nang, and has contributed to few other edited volumes, artistic projects and exhibition catalogs.

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