Selinda Tuttle

Graduate Program Advisor

Selinda Tuttle

Office Hours

Monday – Friday     9am – 12 noon; 1:30 – 4pm,  appointments encouraged


Selinda Tuttle, in coordination with the Faculty Director of Graduate Studies, assists with the coordination
of graduate student recruitment, admissions, and orientation. She monitors student progress and assures
that graduate students meet the academic, teaching and research requirements of both the Department
and the University. She is responsible for coordinating and processing the hiring, fee remission, and
payroll of all academic graduate student employees, as well as, records and maintains all graduate student
records. Selinda also interprets curriculum requirements and advises on University and departmental
requirements for preparation papers, theses and dissertations.

Selinda enjoys neo-noir psychological thrillers and dark documentaries based on true crime. A
self-proclaimed taphophile, Selinda researches cemeteries, burial customs and memento mori. Selinda
currently serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Architectural Foundation of Santa
Barbara and is active in architectural preservation.