Film & Media Studies Graduate Student

Tyler Morgenstern


Tyler Morgenstern is a PhD candidate in the Department of Film & Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara, and a doctoral fellow of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. His research focuses primarily on the cultural and political history of Information and Communication technologies, with particular emphases on the history of wireless communication and ICT development in the context of colonial settlement. His dissertation project, Colonial Recursion and Decolonial Maneuver in the Cybernetic Diaspora—1943 Through the Long 1960s tracks how information and communication concepts associated with the quasi-science of cybernetics became entangled with the cultural politics of Indigeneity and settler liberalism in Canada and the United States following the Second World War. His writing has appeared in journals including Synoptique and the International Journal of Communication, and is forthcoming in the collections Media in the Americas (ed. Cristina Venegas, Rutgers UP) and Moving Images: Mediating Migration-as-Crisis (Transcript Verlag English), which he also co-edited with Dr. Krista Lynes and Dr. Ian Alan Paul. He is also co-editor, with Xiuhe Zhang, of a forthcoming issue of Media Fields Journal entitled “Media Cultures of the Imperial Pacific.”