Film & Media Studies Graduate Student

Tyler Morgenstern


Tyler Morgenstern is currently a PhD student in Film and Media Studies. His research is concerned with the visual and discursive organization (and governance) of racial and Indigenous difference in settler-colonial states, and explores how particular representational forms – especially documentary and archival media texts – operate in tandem with colonial legal orders to uphold racialized distributions of power. As well, his work considers how racialized and Indigenous populations answer (or resist, or refuse to answer) these formations through experimental media and performance practices, artistic interventions, and grassroots political organizing. Tyler holds a BA in Communication from Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) and a MA in Media Studies from Concordia University (Montreal), where he was a fellow of both the Feminist Media Studio and the Media History Research Centre. Currently, he is a doctoral fellow of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and a fellow of the Graduate Center for Literary Research at UCSB.