From platform jumping to self-censorship: internet freedom, social media, and circumvention practices in Zambia

This article describes the complex media environment of urban Zambia based on qualitative interviews with 42 active ICT and social media users in Lusaka. After a contextual discussion of media censorship and Internet freedom, the article draws upon interview data to delineate four circumvention practices: (1) platform jumping; (2) anonymity; (3) self-censorship; and (4) negotiation of legal challenges. Rather than approach circumvention as a set of techniques disseminated from the information capitals of the world to those in the “global south,” this study approaches it as a set of cultural practices that emerges within particular sociohistorical conditions and platforms of communication.

Rahul Mukherjee

Dick Wolf Associate Professor of Television and New Media Studies
Associate Professor of English
University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests