Edited Collection


Announcing the launch of the new UC Press open access journal Media+Environment!
Lead sponsored by the Carsey-Wolf Center
Chief Editors: Alenda Chang and Janet Walker of our Department of Film and Media Studies, with Adrian Ivakhiv of the University of Vermont
Coordinating Editor: Stephen Borunda of our Department of Film and Media Studies


Media+Environment is an open access, online, peer-reviewed journal of transnational and interdisciplinary ecomedia research. The journal seeks to foster dialogue within a fast-growing global community of researchers and creators working to understand and address the myriad ways that media and environments affect, inhabit, and constitute one another. Founded on the premise that media and environment is a crucial conjunction for our time, the journal thus encourages both traditional and multimodal forms of scholarship.


The journal’s inaugural stream on “States of Media and Environment” stages a broad, transdisciplinary dialogue among key actors and thinkers in the media-environment nexus. This dialogue revolves around the following questions:


  • What are or should be the roles of media (traditional media, electronic media, media defined generally or specifically) in a world of socio-ecological crises, and how are media approaching and reconstituting those roles? How are big media makers engaged in the production and resolution of environmental challenges? How are politically active communities of resistance adopting media strategies and engaging with media?


  • How are media themselves (literally and figuratively) rewiring or reprogramming “the environment”—the biological and infrastructural environment, the social environment, the psychic and sensible environment—and what are the implications of this “rewiring”?


  • How are specific media fields—from cinema studies, communication studies, and visual culture to production and policy—responding to environmental challenges?


  • How are environmental fields—including sciences, humanities, policy, design, and activist communities—responding to and working with the changing social, technical, and policy frameworks of and around media?


  • What are the main challenges facing scholars of media and environment, and how should we be approaching those challenges?