Undergraduate - Winter - 2024

Creating Binge-Worthy Television Series – W24


Winter - 2024


Course Description:
This course delves into the art of crafting binge-worthy television series, focusing on the latest trend in television viewing driven by streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Students will gain insights into the intricacies of writing for episodic television by studying pilot episodes and story structures. We will analyze acclaimed series such as Breaking Bad, The Queen’s Gambit, Succession, and Ozark to understand the elements that make them compelling.

Course Objectives:

Understand the mechanics of serialized storytelling.
Develop skills in dramatic television writing.
Explore character relationship mapping.
Craft engaging character storylines.
Throughout the course, you will engage in three primary assessments that align with the course objectives:

Television Pitch Bible: Create a comprehensive pitch bible for your television series concept.
Pilot Episode Writing: Write a captivating pilot episode for your series.
Major Creative Work Pitch: Pitch your major creative project to showcase your storytelling prowess.
Course Modules:
To ensure your success, this course is structured into four modules:

Module 1: Understanding Serialized Storytelling

Explore the fundamentals of serialized storytelling.
Analyze the structure of successful television series.
Module 2: Dramatic Television Writing

Learn techniques for crafting compelling and dramatic television scripts.
Study the art of character development and dialogue.
Module 3: Character Relationship Mapping

Develop a deep understanding of character dynamics and relationships in television series.
Apply character mapping techniques to your own project.
Module 4: Crafting Character Storylines

Dive into the intricacies of character-driven storytelling.
Create captivating character storylines that resonate with the audience.
This course will provide students with a strong theoretical foundation in television writing, making it relevant for future television criticism classes. Additionally, it will equip students with practical skills in television screenwriting, preparing them for filmmaking or pursuing careers in the television industry.