Undergraduate - Fall - 2022

Satyajit Ray


Fall - 2022
  • MW 1pm to 4pm
    Pollock Theater


This lecture course examines the career of Satyajit Ray, director of the famed¬†Apu Trilogy (1955-59) and recipient of a “Lifetime Achievement” Oscar. Celebrated as a modernist master, Ray was a towering postcolonial auteur who explored the challenges of negotiating between tradition and modernity,¬† nationalism and sub-national identity, wonder and skepticism. But he was also a best-selling author of young adult fiction in Bengali, and a consummate graphic artist who designed all publicity material for his films as well as illustrations and covers for his literary works. He also composed the music for most of his films, including three musicals. Our challenge will be to track Ray’s multidimensional creativity, and to assess his place in the history of global cinema as well as in the history of modern India.