Undergraduate - Winter - 2019

Short Format


Winter - 2019
  • T R 3:00-4:50pm
    SSMS 2013


Recent film critics have called ours a “golden age” and a “bonanza time for short films.” It is certainly an exciting time for short film lovers and students and for shorts filmmakers. Accordingly, Film/Media 150SF
surveys several fascinating issues regarding the history, production, distribution, and exhibition of short films. During the term, we’ll examine the distinctive story and aesthetic/formal strategies used in short filmmaking,and many of the landmark short films and filmmakers from throughout cinema history (both U.S. and international titles), though the emphasis will be on more recent shorts. We’ll explore the recent explosion of attention to shorts and the expanded opportunities available to filmmakers to get their shorts seen at film festivals, on cable, and perhaps most significantly, on the Internet.

Cynthia Felando

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests