Senior Lecturer

Cynthia Felando


After graduating from UCLA, Cynthia Felando worked as an art house and film festival programmer. Primary teaching and research interests include history and criticism of short films, American film history and culture, youth culture and media, and contemporary trends in international cinema. She is also the editor of the peer-reviewed journal Short Film Studies, and is a past recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award awarded by UCSB’s Academic Senate.

Recent publications include, Discovering Short Films: The History and Style of Live-Action Fiction Shorts, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015; “Lick the Star,” The Bloomsbury Handbook to Sofia Coppola, editor: Suzanne Ferris, Bloomsbury, 2022; “Spike Jonze Shorts Stories,” The Films of Spike Jonze,” eds: Wyatt Moss-Wellington and Kim Wilkins, Edinburgh University Press, 2019; “Lizzie Borden: Interview with Filmmaker and Biography,” Independent Female Filmmakers: A Chronicle Through Interviews, Profiles, and Manifestos, ed: Michele Meek, Routledge.

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