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Congratulations to Pujita Guha on the 2022 Bikubenfonden Vision Exhibition Award

Pujita Guha, a PhD student in our program, has received one of Europe’s most prestigious and generous arts awards, the Bikubenfonden Vision Exhibition Award.  As one of the founders of The Forest Curriculum, she will be collaborating with the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology and Tunisian curator Aziza Harmel through 2025 on the project Hosting Lands: Between the Ruin, the Field and the Forest. These projects aim to radically reimagine exhibition beyond traditional gallery spaces and event times. The Department congratulates Pujita for her vital, interdisciplinary, socially and ecologically conscious work with more to come!

Press release: https://www.bikubenfonden.dk/sites/default/files/2022-08/The%20Laboratory%20for%20Aesthetics%20and%20Ecology.pdf
More on the Vision Exhibition Award:
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