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Congratulations to James McNamara for the success of Cooper.

Congratulations to James McNamara for the success of Cooper, which is a television series that he created and serves as the show runner.

 “Cooper,” (8 x 45 minutes, Australia, South Africa)Genre : Crime drama

Produced by Kylie du Fresne for Goalpost Pictures and Nimrod Geva for Quizzical Pictures

Written by James McNamara, Amy Jephta and Malla Nunn, based on Malla Nunn Books

A co-creator and writer on Disney+’s “Artful Dodger,” series creator McNamara writes with Jephta, a well-regarded South African playwright, adapting “A Beautiful Place to Die,” part of Nunn’s book series. Set in Apartheid-era South Africa, Cooper, a white detective with a dangerous secret, joins forces with a constable linked to the liberation movement and a surgeon tortured by loss, the logline runs, to defy the country’s all-powerful police force. “The series traverses murder, passion and corruption in a dark chapter of our recent history, but one where human stories allow us to show that goodness can prevail,” McNamara says.