Author: Nataliia Vernyhora

Professor Jennifer Holt’s concerns about student privacy in the era of remote exam software data mining

Remote Exam Software Is Crashing When the Stakes Are the Highest And raising more and more privacy concerns By: Colin Lecher Molly Savage never expected she’d be taking the Michigan state bar exam remotely after graduating this year from Wayne State University’s law school. Nevertheless, in July, she found herself sitting down in an office … Continued

GreenScreen Film and Media Alumni Screens his first film at Nature Track Film Festival

Track Star Alum of competitive GreenScreen program in film and media studies screens his first film at Nature Track Film Festival By Shelly Leachman Thursday, October 8, 2020 – 08:00 The Current Originally from Wyoming, “a state with wonderful biodiversity, landscapes and very few people,” Chris Jenkins’s early adoration of nature only intensified when his … Continued

Wendy Eley Jackson’s WELCOME TO PINE LAKE, is now available to stream…

Wendy Eley Jackson is a lecturer in the Department of Film and Media Studies at UC-Santa Barbara. She serves as Executive Producer and Co-Writer for this documentary. Welcome to Pine Lake explores a city’s troubled past and the resulting reverberations. To the those living in Pine Lake, their city is Shangri-La where women lead across the government, … Continued